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Dunlop VS Goodyear, do tyre brands really matters?

Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop Tyres have come a long way since they started the bicycle tyres invented by founder John Dunlop and have won some of the most prestigious auto races in just a few years. Currently a subsidiary of Goodyear Australia, but the behavior is slightly different. NS? By the way, if you look only at the range of tyres, you will surely come up with a lot of words such as sports. Yes, Dunlop Tyres is very focused on developing very high-performance tyres. Dunlop’s extensive involvement in motorsport has led to the development of adaptive compounds for road tyres that work very well in both dry and wet conditions. Your tyres are designed to give you an accurate feel and great feedback. For example, the Sport Maxx RT (Racing Technology) series, thanks to Dunlop’s touch technology, improves the driver’s dry and wet grip, enables more effective braking and provides a safer ride. increase.

Goodyear Tyres

 As a parent company, Goodyear is a little more conservative. They create a wide variety of tyres that are more suitable for everyday drivers. Most importantly, they are working on developing stronger and more durable tyres that save fuel and keep you safe on the road. Goodyear’s tyre range is specially optimized for long tyre life, fuel savings and outstanding safety. They definitely offer more to the majority of car users, such as family cars and company cars.  Goodyear offers excellent value for money with all-terrain tyres using DuPont Kevlar and Durawall technology for off-road use. In short, tyres maintain excellent traction even in the most difficult situations.

When buying a new tyre, it saves some money and always tempts you to go for cheaper options. After all, what’s the difference between cheap and expensive tyres? Sure, you only pay for the brand name, is one rubber as good as another? In fact, we found that high-performance tyres from premium tyre manufacturers have a lot of advanced technology. Everything from tread design to rubber compound is the product of intense labor, and the expensive premium tyres of major manufacturers perform far better than the cheaper low-priced tyres of unknown companies in a wide range of road conditions. This performance advantage of the premium tyres can be clearly seen in the test and has a significant impact on safety. In recent tests on the braking performance of 50 different tyres, the worst driver required a distance of about 9 meters longer to stop on a dry road than the front runner. And in the wet, the difference was even greater as the worst performing tyres took 47 feet longer to stop. On the road, it can easily mean the difference between an accident and an emergency, or the difference between full depreciation and a small bent fender. No matter how strong the brakes are or how sophisticated the four-wheel drive is, only the tyres connect the car to the road. Premium tyres also ensure that your car will perform at its best, even in situations where performance is required.

Where Tyres Are Manufactured and Their Importance

Today, tyres are manufactured all over the world. A 2015 Consumer Reports survey found that 72 tyres from 21 manufacturers were tested and manufactured in 19 countries. This discovery can be quickly confirmed by a brief survey of well-known premium manufacturers. This shows that they come from many countries. For example, Goodyear Tyre is American, Michelin Tyre is French, Continental Tyre is German, and Bridgestone Tyre is Japanese Dunlop Tyres is England. And no matter where the headquarters are, all major manufacturers have tyre factories in several countries around the world. For example, Michelin has production lines in more than 17 countries, including several countries here in the United States.

However, this does not mean that the tyre manufacturing location does not affect the quality of the tyre. These premium manufacturers are international companies, and tyres of that name are manufactured around the world, but they are well-known manufacturers that follow industry guidelines and license dealers and often manufacturing facilities in the United States. The same is not true for many foreign-budget tyre manufacturers, especially relatively young Chinese companies. Not only do these Chinese tyres have the poor performance expected of all low-priced tyres, but they also tend to have poor quality control and lack of warranty. Therefore, it is not possible to determine if the tyres you purchased actually meet the standards of durability and performance, or if they will disassemble immediately after limited use. Some of the most notorious Chinese tyre manufacturers to avoid are Westfield, Telluride, Compass, and AKS tyres.

However, overall, tyre quality is determined by the market segment rather than the manufacturer’s location, and there are many cheap tyres from major manufacturers in the US, Japan and Europe. These low-priced tyres are much safer and more reliable than cheap Chinese-made tyres, but still not as performant as the more expensive high-performance tyres. This is because high quality materials and expensive engineering are required to produce the best performing tyres. If you want the best, you have to pay more for it.

Tyre Warranty

Tyres are worn parts and should be replaced regularly to maintain maximum performance. However, tyres can fail faster than expected, resulting in unexpected billing. This may be the result of actual damage while driving. Or it may be the result of inadequate quality control by the manufacturer. However, if you purchased your tyre from a reputable manufacturer, you may be covered by a warranty that will refund some or all of the cost of your replacement tyre. And you can often buy additional covers from stores that also fit your tyres.

The most common type of tyre warranty is the tread warranty. All major brands of road tyres have factory tread life ratings measured at thousands of miles. If this mileage is not achieved before the tyres wear, the manufacturer will refund the difference. However, keep in mind that this warranty will only be met if the tyres are properly cared for. This means adjusting the position of the car and following the car maintenance guidelines for tyre replacement intervals. Also, manufacturers usually do not offer tread warranty for fragile special tyres such as winter tyres and off-road tyres. However, Michelin winter tyres are an exception to this rule and guarantee the life of the tread.

The second type of tyre warranty is a road warranty, which covers tyre damage incurred while driving. This includes damage from events such as road dents and debris. Unlike the tread life warranty, the road hazard warranty is usually provided by the tyre-installed workshop, not the tyre manufacturer. This is often an option that you have to pay separately from the tyre itself. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, both Bridgestone and Continental offer manufacturers’ road hazard guarantees for some products. Therefore, if this type of warranty is considered important, some research may reveal tyres that meet the needs of the manufacturer’s warranty against road hazards. However, keep in mind that the manufacturer’s warranty against road hazards is generally very limited and usually covers only damage that occurs during the first year of tyre life.

When looking for cheap tyres in Cincinnati, it’s important to find a reputable and reliable supplier in the community. You can rely on the shop’s experience and guidance to provide you with the information you need to evaluate your tyre selection. You can find the right tyre for your car and driving needs while making the right choice for your budget. Visit us today to explore a selection of high quality yet affordable tyres and get the performance you need for your vehicle.

In a nutshell,

Dunlop Tyres has great weekend getaway tyres that offer excellent handling in both dry and wet conditions. This will also make your trip safer. However, Goodyear Tyres manufactures a wider range of reliable tyres at reasonable prices for everyday use. Both offer the best options for everything to suit different driving needs.

Whichever Dunlop Tyres model you choose, it’s important to pay attention to it. The best way to do this is to regularly check, adjust, and maintain the correct air pressure according to the vehicle’s specifications.  Some drivers also choose to change tyres to get the most out of every part of the tyre. The manufacturer recommends changing tyres every 6 months. All you need to do is learn how to turn your tyres properly and make sure your tyres are well maintained.

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