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Explaining Amaron Battery Price in the UAE: Get the Best

Finding the right car battery at a budget-friendly price can be challenging, especially in the dynamic and diverse market of the UAE. Amaron, a leading brand known for its reliability and quality, provides a diverse range of batteries for various vehicles at reasonable prices.

This guide delves into the essential factors influencing Amaron battery price in UAE, equips you with skills on popular models, and unveils strategies for securing the most economical option.

1.       Amaron Battery Price in the UAE

2.       Important Elements Determining Amaron Battery Price in UAE

·         Battery Type

·         Amp Hour (Ah) Rating

·         Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

·         Reserve Capacity (RC)

·         Warranty

3.       Comparison of Car Battery Prices & Models In UAE

4.       Tips To Buy Amaron Batteries at An Affordable Price in UAE

·         Compare Prices

·         Consider Free Installation

·         Keep An Eye Out for Seasonal Sales

·         Explore Online Marketplaces

·         Don’t Neglect Customer Reviews

Final Verdict

Important Elements Determining Amaron Battery Price UAE

Battery Type:

Amaron battery provides maintenance, flooded (VRLA), and AGM batteries, each with distinct pricing due to differences in materials and technology. Flooded batteries typically require electrolyte maintenance and are the most affordable. AGM and VRLA batteries are maintenance, sealed, and generally costlier.

Amp Hour (Ah) Rating:

A higher Ah rating means a larger battery capacity, which translates to longer reserve time and more power. Generally, batteries with higher Ah ratings command an additional price.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA):

This rating measures a battery’s capacity to deliver starting power in certain hot climates in the UAE. Batteries with higher CCA ratings are more expensive but best for reliable starts.

Reserve Capacity (RC):

The RC reflects the battery’s ability to power crucial electrical components if the alternator fails. Batteries with higher RC ratings are a bit expensive, but they enhance peace of mind in traffic situations.


A longer warranty period often signifies high-quality construction and materials, leading to higher prices but probably reducing long-term costs through longer service life.

Comparison Of Car Battery Prices & Models In UAE

Car batteries:


Battery Type



Ah Rating

Estimate Amaron Battery Price in UAE

Amaron Flooded




35 Ah

AED 250- AED 300

Amaron Pro




75 Ah

AED 700- AED 800

Amaron Black




60 Ah

AED 500- AED 600

Remember: car battery price in UAE is indicative & may vary depending on locations, retailers, and promotions.

Tips To Buy Amaron Batteries at An Affordable Price in UAE

Compare Prices:

Visit multiple dealers and research authorized dealers online, like Sanddancetyre, for your specific battery model.

Consider Free Installation:

Many retailers provide free installation services when buying a battery, saving effort and time.

Keep An Eye Out for Seasonal Sales:

Retailers in the UAE often offer significant deals and discounts during major holidays like Ramadan or UAE National Day. This can be a great opportunity to save on your Amaron battery purchase.

Explore Online Marketplaces:

Platforms like Sanddancetyre provide a wide selection and competitive prices but consider the delivery cost.

Don't Neglect Customer Reviews:

Check previous customers’ online reviews to gauge service experience and product quality before purchasing.

Final Verdict

Understanding the essential factors influencing the car battery price in UAE and comparing it with all other popular models empowers you to make the right decisions. By considering your vehicle needs, warranty preferences, and budget, you can choose the optimal battery for your luxury car and potentially save your precious money. Remember, value and quality go hand in hand, so when replacing a battery in Dubai or Sharjah, choose wisely!

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