Types Of Tyres For Your Car

Before deciding to replace a new tire, it is useful to know what type of tires your car has installed. Your mechanic should be a good source of information about which tire is best for you, but which tire you need depends entirely on where and when you drive.

has many different types of tires, which are very suitable for different purposes? So please read the instructions to see which tire is best for you and your driving habits.

tires marked?
tires are marked with "Service Type Indicators" and consist of a series of 8 to 10 letters and numbers. To an untrained person, they may look complicated, but there is very little information needed to correctly identify the tires that already exist.

If the code starts with "p", it means that the tire is a "metrical" size designed for passenger cars (cars, minivans, light pickups). If there is no letter at the beginning of the code, it means that the tire is a "metric" size. This tire size is mainly used in European cars. The letter T in front of the
tire code indicates that the tire is only designed as a replacement tire and can only be used before the flat tire can be replaced or repaired.
LT is the tire code for vehicles that carry heavy objects or two other vehicles. If the code starts with ST, it means that the tire was never designed to be mounted on a car or truck, but used on a boat or trailer. The letter is followed by a series of numbers. These are not as complicated as they seem. first 3 numbers indicate the width of the tire. The next two numbers (/rear) represent the height of the tire from the rim to the tread, expressed as a percentage of the tire side width.

These five numbers are followed by another letter. The letter is related to the structure of the tire. R indicates that the tire has a radial structure, D indicates a diagonal structure, and B indicates that the tire has a belt structure. The next number is the diameter of the rim in inches. This is a number from 8 to 28.

Then a space appears, and the combination of the following three letters and numbers are the instructions for using the tire. You need to look it up in the index or table of contents to know exactly what you mean.

There are a variety of tires to choose from, which can be confusing when choosing new tires for your vehicle. tires are specially manufactured for various vehicles such as 4x4s, vans or cars. They can also have different tread patterns for optimal seasonal performance. Before choosing a new tire for your vehicle, please review the different tires available and choose the tire that best suits your driving style and needs.

winter tires
winter tires are designed with a large number of grooves and sipes, which can be used on snow and ice. Provides greater traction and grip on wet roads. They are made that way to remain flexible when the temperature drops to provide safety. Learn more about winter tires. The special tread design of makes summer tires have better skid resistance and excellent performance at temperatures above 7°C.

summer tires

summer tires, also known as standard tires, are designed for high performance and target 7 Temperatures above °C are optimized. They have a softer rubber compound to improve stability and grip, and they have a tread pattern that provides water ski protection. Read more about summer tires. The four-season tire was designed with summer and winter tire technology in mind, providing compromised performance under all conditions.
ALL YEAR TIRES The design of All Season Tires combines summer and winter tire technology. They provide adequate performance under all seasonal conditions, but are not optimized for summer or winter like special seasonal tires. Learn more about all-season tires.

Semi-consumer tires
Are you considering buying semi-consumer tires for your vehicle? Although legal in the UK, 98% of partially worn tires are sold illegally, and most of the tires sold are highly dangerously damaged. Learn more about partially worn tires. Contact Setyres to buy cheap quality tires for your vehicle.

Economical tires

Are you talking about buying economical tires or high-quality tires for your vehicle? Before buying, please consider all factors. Read more about the advantages and disadvantages of cheap tires.
Run flat tires use thick, reinforced sidewalls, allowing you to continue driving after a puncture. Run flat tires are designed to ensure road safety when you have a puncture while driving. Compared with ordinary tires, they have thicker, reinforced sidewalls and allow them to continue driving for a short period of time after a puncture. Learn more about run flat tires. Energy-saving tires are designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.
We provide you with the best and most well-known brands in the same location. We provide you with a variety of tires suitable for all budgets. We add new sizes and brands every month, so you have multiple choices. Whether you are looking for a specific brand or product, we have it all. If you can't find the brand here, please let us know.

high-performance tires are developed with special tire formula and optimized tread design, and have excellent high-speed driving performance.

high-performance tires
high-performance tires are optimized tires that provide fast response, improved grip and high-speed driving ability. These tires are made by high-quality manufacturers who have absorbed extensive research and technology in the field of motorsports. Learn more about high-performance tires. A convenient way to buy tires
Different tire patterns provide benefits to meet different driving needs.

Tire patterns
Although they look very similar, the tires use different printing and patterns to meet the needs of different drivers. Each tire pattern has its own safety and performance advantages. It is important to choose the tire pattern that best suits your specifications. Learn more about tire treads.

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