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How To Maintain Vehicle Tyres During Summer In Dubai.

According to the UAE Police, there were 28 car accidents in 2019 due to sudden loss of air pressure in the tires, in which 14 people were killed and 7 injured. According to a survey, 5% of accidents in the UAE are due to poor quality and defective tires.

Summer is the time of year when you need to be more careful with the tires on your vehicle, as the risk of accidents due to tire breakage is greatest. In summer, when the temperature rises to an effective level, you must take proper care of all parts of your vehicle, especially rubber materials.

Experts say all visible marks on a tire, such as deep cracks, cuts, exposed cables, etc., can be removed. In summer, the pressure should be checked at least once a month.Some experts say that verification should be done at least once a month. According to Michelin’s commercial director GCC, drivers should closely monitor the behavior of their car tires.
In addition to regular pressure checks, drivers should be aware that improper inflation, poor wheel alignment and balance lead to road accidents and shortened tire life. If the tread depth is less than 1.6mm, or there are deep cracks, cuts, exposed cables, or uneven wear on the rim, the rims should be replaced after five years or sooner.

High temperatures can be a serious problem, according to tire safety experts, especially if tires are not properly maintained. Incorrect air pressure, poor wheel balance and alignment also reduce tire life and safety. The tires should also be replaced if there are other signs of wear or damage, for example cracks or cuts in the sidewall and parts of the tread. damaged.
If you are unlucky and have a flat tire while driving, Davidson advised not to brake too hard. If possible and safe, pull the car to the side of the road and activate the hazard warning lights. Most auto insurance policies include a rescue service, so call and have the salvage driver take you to the nearest garage to change your tires. Changing tires on the road is incredibly dangerous, so leave the car and drive to safety while waiting for the driver rescue “. He concluded.
The “Inspect for Me” initiative will assess the condition of tires, batteries, air conditioning, coolant, water, and oil levels in automobiles.

How do you maintain your tires?
Wear: periodically check the condition of all four tires at the same time time to detect obvious signs or abnormal clothing. Look for visible signs such as deep cracks, exposed cables, cuts, or uneven tire wear. It is important to periodically check the depth of the tread at various points on the tire and, if in doubt, consult a specialist. The minimum legally prescribed tread depth is 1.6 mm for car tires.

II) Tread width:
Pressure: Check the tire pressure at least once a month at most. In addition to wearing out faster, improperly inflated tires affect overall vehicle performance, including stopping distance, handling, safety, and fuel economy. Always check the tire pressure when it is “cold”, i. H. the vehicle has not been driven for at least 2 hours or at most 3 km to obtain the most accurate measurement possible. If the pressure is checked with “hot” tires, add 0.3 bar to the recommended value. The recommended air

(iii) Side wall height:
pressure can be found near the door lock on the driver’s side of the vehicle or in the vehicle manual. These checks must be carried out on all four tires and on the spare wheel.

Balanced: Make sure the tires are properly balanced. If the steering wheel or the vehicle body vibrates, the tires may be out of balance. Have them professionally balanced at a reputable dealer. Helps prevent uneven and premature tire wear and reduces excessive stress on suspension components.

Alignment: have a specialist check the tire alignment. Whenever the vehicle runs over a large object on the road, or hits a pothole or sidewalk, the wheels can go out of alignment. This can affect vehicle handling and cause tires to wear unevenly and prematurely.

Flat tire: If you have a flat tire, take the car to a reputable tire dealer for inspection. The car dealer can advise you in case the tire structure is damaged and whether it is repairable or not.

Tire rotation: rotate the tires as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. By changing the tire from front to back (typically about 5,000 km), the wear of all four tires is optimized.

Suspension: keep an eye on the suspension. Old or worn shock absorbers can cause tires to wear out more quickly and affect driving behavior. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the suspension.
You may need to run numerous checks to keep your car tires in good condition and roadworthy as I talk about some of the important quick checks. You can follow them to better maintain your tires, save money and avoid accidents despite the hot summer in UAE.

1. Check tire pressure regularly
As already mentioned, drivers should check tire pressure regularly. The recommended frequency is at least once a month, but if the tires are older they should be checked once a week.

2. Check tire balance
If you feel vibrations through the steering or body, this may be due to an imbalance in the tires. Experts say they must be balanced by an authorized dealer. Have a licensed mechanic balance the tires to prevent premature wear and reduce stress on the suspension.

3. Checking the wheel alignment
The wheel alignment should be checked by an authorized and trusted dealer. Tires can be misaligned when driving your vehicle over an uneven object on the road or hitting a pothole. If the tires are not properly aligned, it will affect the handling of the vehicle, so keep a close eye on it.

4. Avoid Overload
Overload causes many problems. It damages the road, increases tire wear, increases fuel consumption, impairs driver control of the vehicle, is dangerous to you and your surroundings, impairs stability, and incurs heavy fines from road authorities

5. Keep an eye on the
suspension you should keep a close eye on the suspension. Suspension causes faster tire wear and affects vehicle handling.

Final Words
By taking proper care of your vehicle, you can greatly prevent traffic accidents. If you follow traffic signs and regulations and have your vehicle checked regularly by a reputable dealer, there is a near zero percent chance of traffic accidents

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