Our Services

Our Services

Sand Dance provides a range of automotive services for all your vehicle maintenance needs. Tyres being our primary business, we also focus on complete automotive services to meet any of your needs. All this at competitive prices and high standards of service.


We stock the largest range of the world’s best tyre brands. From premium tyres to mid-range and economical to suit your budget and meet any of your driving needs. We are the first company in the UAE to have warehouses near all our sites, stocking thousands of tyres in different brands and sizes.


Filling tyres with Nitrogen instead of compressed air means that the tyre pressure will remain at the appropriate threshold for longer, because the rate at which Nitrogen passes out of the walls of the tyre is slower than normal design. With specifically designed machines, the Sand Dance team can quickly pump up tyres with nitrogen and prolong their lifespan.

Tyre Rotation

At Sand Dance Tyres, our qualified technicians can assess whether tyres could benefit from tyre rotation or need to be changed. Tyre rotation ensures that the surface wears down equally, while maximising the life of tyres.

Puncture Repairs

At Sand Dance Tyres, we don’t change tyre without conducting a complete tyre check. Sometimes a puncture can be fixed, while tyres are only replaced if it is 100% necessary.

Wheel Alignments

We provide free wheel alignment checks and advice you when alignments are required.

Uneven tyre wear indicates that your alignment may need to be adjusted in order to prolong the life of tyres.

Air Conditioning

Most manufacturers recommend that the air-conditioning system is serviced every two years in order to replenish the liquids used by the system and to ensure all components are working correctly. The trained technicians at Sand Dance Tyres can ensure the specific AC requirements of each car are met.

Window Tinting

Window tinting is one of the most popular services in Dubai, but can be expensive. At Sand Dance Tyres this service is not only affordable, but the team also uses only the highest quality materials to protect your car’s windows and appearance.

Car Polishing & Car Washing

With sand constantly coming into contact with cars in the UAE, keeping the vehicle clean and polished is an important task. At Sand Dance Tyres, our polishing and washing services ensure that your car looks brand new in no time at all.