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Sand Dance Tyres performs major services on cars, which help prolong their lifespan and improves their safety. Take advantage of our pricing, which on average is 50% cheaper than main dealers throughout the UAE.

Although servicing your vehicle is not a legal requirement, there are a number of good reasons why you should consider maintaining your vehicle correctly.

Safety Proper vehicle inspections will ensure your car is safe to run till its next service) Save money: Proper maintenance reduces the risk of costly breakdowns and recovery charges. If a fault is identified at the right time, you can replace it before it fails completely and possibly damages other parts on the car.

Longevity Your car is a lot like the human body that needs to survive on food and water. With maintenance and oil replaced at regular intervals, you can run your car smoother for longer.

Maintaining vehicle value Now a days the second hand market is a wash with dangerous and poorly maintained cars which lowers the value of the car because the risk of expensive breakdowns are only around the corner. So if you have your vehicle service history it makes it more valuable to the buyer knowing it has been maintained correctly and for you it makes it easier to sell as you know it is a reliable car.


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