Puncture Repair

At Sand Dance we carry out free puncture repairs for all passenger and 4x4 vehicles.
When is a tyre safe to repair
A correct and safe tyre repair will repair the tyre punctures so they are permanently air tight preventing damage to tyres and making them last the full legal life of the tyre. Unfortunately though, some damages are beyond repair and hence require you to check the following:

  • Legal tread depth (min 1.6mm across the central 3/4 of the tyre tread around the entire circumference).
  • Damage due to driving whilst flat-visible through for example a dark line on the side.
  • Secondary damage - caused by the damaged items. An internal inspection should be carried out to check for this.
  • Ageing/deterioration of the tyre rubber.
  • Puncture outside the repairable area, e.g. on the sidewall.
  • Damaged bead.
  • Exposed cords from steel belt(s).
  • Improper/poor quality previous repairs.

If the tyre has experienced any of the above, it should not be repaired.
The number of repairs that can be carried out on a tyre is determined by speed class. There is also a limit to how large the puncture hole can be. See the table below:

Tyre type Speed class Max hole size Max no. repairs
Car All 6mm Max 3
Truck/Bus All 9mm Max 3

Why run flat tyres can't be repaired?
Run flat tyres have reinforced sidewalls which means they can be driven on for a short time after picking up a puncture allowing you to make it to safety, be that your home or your nearest tyre fitter.

Run flat tyres have obvious safety benefits as the tyre is still able to be driven on in the event of a puncture allowing you, the driver, to stay in control of the vehicle. Unfortunately, when a run flat tyre picks up a puncture it's hard to tell if the structure of the tyre wall has been compromised because the punctured tyre could have been driven on for an excessive amount of time or at unsuitable speeds (over 50kph) but the added strength of the run flat tyre can mask this damage. For this reason, we cannot carry out minor repairs to run flat tyres as the tyre may no longer be safe to use.

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