Things To Consider Before Buying Used Tyres

We are often asked if we sell used tires to save the price of new tires. While it is not illegal to sell used tires, and many tire dealers do, we refrain from doing so.

Let's explain why it is not safe to save money by buying a set of tires that someone else sold or that is from a depreciated vehicle.

It is almost impossible to defend the purchase of used, partially worn or used tires in the UAE. Tires are getting cheaper, especially with the arrival of "new" tires from aboard brands that force premium brands to introduce inexpensive rubber.

Some will argue that budget is the main reason for buying a used set of tires. However, it is likely a false economy. Used tires don't last as long as new tires and you will end up replacing them more often and spending more in the long run. And if you don't know the backstory of the tires, you risk your safety, that of your family or others.
On top of that you are buying something with a lowered safety profile and that really doesn't make sense. With less profile at the front and shoulders of your tire, it reduces your car's grip in both dry and wet conditions. A test between new and used tires from other place showed dramatically longer stopping distance on wet roads of around 90 km / h.

While most used tire dealers will tell you that things have been thoroughly reviewed by experts, the truth is that they most likely haven't. For example, in the UK, partially worn tires sold must have passed a series of tests, such as an inflation test, assess their structural integrity, have a minimum 2mm tread and be marked as' partially worn. ". This is not the case in UAE

However, if you are caught driving with tires below the minimum tread depth, you can get a defect notice which, depending on where you live, can cost upwards of $ 100 per tire and usually a loss. negative points for defective rim.
So, without any of the partially worn tire checks in this country that you have in others, the potential safety risk to yourself or someone else, and also the financial cost (worn tires aren't cheaper in the long run) It is not worth buying a used tire.

Buying used tires is definitely a difficult task, as many details must be checked correctly to protect you and the vehicle.

To find a good set of tires, there are a few basics you need to know. To make buying used tires easier, we've put together a few details that you should read before buying used tires.
Check the tire surface:

The first step is to check the inside and outside of the tire please we should consider this. If there are bumps or cuts in many places, it means that the tire is not suitable for purchase, as it indicates damage.

Profile depth:
The best way to check the depth of the profile is with a coin. This is a simple test that can be performed with a one-rupee coin. To check the profile, place the rupee coin vertically on the tire surface and check if the number 1 on the coin is partially visible or not visible. If the number one is fully visible on the coin, it means the tire is near the end of its useful life and is not worth the time and effort looking for additional tire damage. If the number 1 is partially visible on the coin, it means that the tire can still be driven a few thousand kilometers.

Exposed Tendons:
Tires contain tendons and are designed to keep the tire structure stable for better performance. If you see chords sticking out, it means the hoop can no longer be used. There are many reasons for chords to be exposed. The reasons for the appearance of exposed tendons are a bent tire, incorrect air pressure in the tires, and incorrect alignment.

Steel belts causing unevenness:
Be sure to run your hand along the sidewall of the tire to see any bumps or unevenness as this means the tire has been misused and needs to be recycled. Steel straps maintain the tire structure and prevent it from wobbling.

Tires with many faults are not safe to use. Therefore, check the inside of the tire for spots. If you see a lot of stains, it means that the tire cannot withstand the air pressure and the tire may be damaged again. It is also not safe to drive with such tires.

Save money on buying tires
Perhaps the greatest benefit of buying used tires is that it saves money. You can save up to 3050% on new tires when you buy used tires. If your other tires are still in good condition and you can find a used one that is also in good condition, this may be the ideal solution for you. And the lower cost of used tires means you can buy a replacement tire in the event of a breakdown or accident. This peace of mind will make future road trips a little less stressful.

Less waste
Another great benefit of buying a used car is that it generates less waste and is environmentally friendly. Reusing old tires helps reduce waste from disposing of old tires. In the UAE alone, an estimated 290 million tires are thrown away each year! By switching to buying used tires, you can help reduce that number and contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.

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