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Atlas Tyres is one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers. They use high-grade rubber to construct their tyres, making them of outstanding quality. Furthermore, Atlas tyres in Dubai are highly efficient and run smoothly. The company makes tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, lorries, and industrial vehicles.

Atlas tyres can keep tyre pressure even on difficult road conditions, so drivers don’t need to check their automobile tyre pressure regularly. These tyre will test to provide better-wet grip and control when the road is wet or snowy.

Sand Dance Tyre recommend Atlas Tyres in Dubai to everyone looking for high-quality tyres in the United Arab Emirates. Atlas is an American company dedicated to producing high-quality tyres.

Atlas Tyres – A Shift to Technology, Safety, & Performance

If you require specialty tyres for driving in the UAE’s deserts or mountains, Atlas has a tyre to suit your demands. It also has tyres with exceptional traction on wet and slick roads. The fact that Atlas tyres in Dubai meet the quality criteria specified by the appropriate UAE authorities is more crucial. As a result, don’t be concerned about the extreme UAE heat hurting your tyres.

Tyre Products from Atlas Tyres

Atlas tyres in Dubai are high-quality and reasonably priced. Drivers may travel for extended distances without worrying about their tyres losing air pressure. These tyres are made with cutting-edge retreading technology and ultra-modern designs. Some of their tyres include:

Atlas Land Sport

Atlas Land Sport tyres are all-season passenger vehicle tyres. With its excellent qualities, this tyre provides excellent performance. It has asymmetric tread pattern, solid center ribs, four straight wide circumferential grooves, and a pattern pitch sequence that has been tuned.

Atlas STRD-09E+ radial

Atlas STRD-09E+ radial tyres are intended specifically for medium trucks and buses. Because of its low rolling resistance, it boasts excellent fuel economy.

Atlas Force Ultra High-Performance Tyres

Atlas Force Ultra High-Performance tyres are available in a variety of sizes for passenger cars. This tough tyre provides exceptional performance while also having a significant impact on your car’s handling and braking.

Atlas Touring Plus – H4

Atlas Touring Plus is a wonderful option for both passenger cars and SUVs. It has four big vertical grooves and a pattern rib in the center.

For SUVs and light vehicles, the Atlas Priva HT II provides exceptional traction with increased structure reinforcement. SUVs and light trucks benefit from the excellent control provided by this tyre.

Atlas Eco Traveler Plus Tyres

Atlas Eco Traveler Plus tyres are specially designed for cars to enable environmentally responsible driving throughout the summer months.

Passenger Tyres of Atlas Tyres

FORCE HP — With its asymmetric tyre pattern and groove depth, the FORCE HP is designed to improve grip and water evacuation while also providing longer mileage. The central block’s flat design improves road handling and straight driving stability.

FORCE UHP – The asymmetric tread pattern design of this product provides outstanding handling and traction performance. The transverse grooves reduce rolling resistance on a variety of surfaces, extending the life of the tyre. The tread compound’s composition improves adaptation to changing weather conditions.

Atlas Land Sport – Its four straight wide circumferential grooves efficiently decrease hydroplaning. The tyre’s symmetric tread design provides comfort and silence, while the robust centre rib improves handling stability.

Touring Plus II — Designed with four wide vertical grooves, this innovation efficiently reduces aquaplaning by increasing the tyre’s draining performance. The unique sipes design ensures great cornering, while the well-proportioned pattern blocks help with handing.

Priva HT II – Four wide vertical grooves that enhance the drainage capability help to lessen the chances of aquaplaning. The product uses large pattern blocks on the shoulder to improve cornering performance while also increasing traction.

Benefits of Buying Atlas Tyres in Dubai?

Atlas tyres are owned and designed by former tier-one tyre engineers. Their quality control is checked on a regular basis. Atlas tyres are made in compliance. They are made to fulfil the quality criteria of all countries. As a result, their tyres are of the highest possible quality.

The compound formula used in the production of these tyres has a considerable impact on the durability of Atlas tyres in Dubai. With a balanced foundation, these tyres have a substantially longer tread life and prevent the tyre from wearing out soon. This allows the tyre to continue to function properly even as it wears and loses shape.

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