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Dunlop Tyres in Dubai is unlike most other tyre firms when it comes to ownership. Various companies worldwide are in charge of the brand—the brand is in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Dunlop manages the trademark. At the same time, Continental and Sumitomo Rubber Industries administer it in several other countries. Regardless of who owns the company, Sand Dance tyre, Dunlop Tyres are known for its quality and performance in UAE.


What Dunlop Tyre in Dubai You Should Choose?


Dunlop has formed nearly 125 years ago, making it one of its oldest tyre manufacturers. The first plant was founded in England in 1889. Dunlop has a long history of producing high-quality tyres. Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce, Land Rover, Maserati, and Ferrari are among the original equipment manufacturers that the brand supplies. Dunlop tyres are used by more mainstream automakers such as Nissan, Ford, Opel-Vauxhall, Renault, Volkswagen, and Toyota. Dunlop exudes brilliance and confidence.


Dunlop Tyre is one of the most well-known tyre brands in the world. With tyre options ranging from bicycles to jets and a reputation for using full-grade rubber. The company does pretty well with its product catalogue for various tyres, with its marketing tagline emphasizing "everyday performance." Dunlop covers a vast market with a large choice of tyres, price, and durability as its strong qualities.


However, most of their tyres are built for entry-level performance. However, their great customer service and warranty more than make up for that. On the other hand, Dunlop attracts a sizable portion of the market and is an excellent choice for low- to mid-range automobile owners. It does not always meet the needs of drivers who want a high-tension grip on the road.


Let's take a look at what makes this brand so valuable.




To determine a brand's genuine worth, consider what it offers in terms of technology. As a result, we'll go over some of Dunlop Tyres in Dubai most innovative technology.


Noise Reduction


Imagine driving down the road and hearing a noise coming from inside the passenger compartment. The tyres are making that noise. Doesn't it make you feel uneasy? It most certainly does. It is for this reason that tyre producers all over the world are focusing on ways to reduce noise. Dunlop has developed a "Noise Shield" technology that reduces tyre noise by up to 50%! It simply means that your driving experience will be more pleasant than ever before. The best part is that it has no negative impact on the tire's performance. You might be asking how Dunlop was able to accomplish this.


The system with Multiple Blades


If you're driving in the winter, you'll want to ensure you have the finest traction possible. Otherwise, your vehicle may skid, resulting in an accident. Dunlop has developed a Multi-Blade System to combat this. Each blade is made to handle a wide range of winter road conditions (wet, snow, icy). As a result, you have the best possible traction.


Seating System with Specific Beads (SBSS)


The rim and the tyre are linked. The SBSS improves the link and allows the driver to control the vehicle completely. The final benefit is increased precision and steadiness.


Flange Shielding Maximum (MFS)


Consider taking a quick turn only to crash into the curb. What's the result? The wheel was damaged by a curb inadvertently. Isn't that something no one wants? Furthermore, alloy wheels are more difficult and costly to repair. Dunlop Tyres in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi is aware of the issue and has taken steps to address it through the MFS. A rubber profile wraps around the circle of the tyre, providing an extra layer of rim protection. It may not appear revolutionary, but it gets the job done, that you require.


Silica-Plus Compound is a Mixture of Silica and Other Minerals


High-performance tyres are required if you own a sports or high-end vehicle. It is here that the silica-plus rubber combination is used. Extra traction, steering responsiveness, and high-speed stability are all benefits.


Tyre Manufacturer for Original Equipment


Dunlop's reputation as an original equipment tyre manufacturer proves that it is a truly dependable tyre brand. Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Jaguar, and Renault are among the companies that produce tyres. Dunlop has created tyres for the Porsche 911 GT3 and GT2 RS.


Important Tyres


The following are some of the best Dunlop Tyres:



       SP SPORT LM702

       SP SPORT MAXX 050+





The Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 is an all-terrain and off-road all-season tyre made for SUVs and 4x4s. Design for all-weather traction: The Dunlop Grandtrek ST20 tyres' all-weather construction delivers excellent traction and grip throughout the year in dry and rainy conditions. An all-weather design eliminates the need to replace your tyres every season and the cost of purchasing an extra set.


The Dunlop Grandtrek AT20 is an all-terrain, all-season, always silent ride that offers remarkable ride comfort, longevity, and consistent all-terrain performance. With a Multi-Pitch Tread Design that reduces road noise, this tyre provides unrivalled ride comfort without compromising tyre performance.




The Dunlop Tyre SP SPORT 490 185-70-14 tyres are ideal for compact car drivers who prefer a quiet, noise-free ride. Possess the most effective combination of performance characteristics. One of the most important characteristics is its driving safety. After safety, the larger likelihood of fuel savings is the second most important quality in its growth.




Dunlop's flagship tyre, the SP Sport MAXX 050+, provides exceptional handling and braking characteristics. The tyre is designed specifically for high-performance automobiles and CUVs, and it is built to function flawlessly in dry and rainy conditions.




Dunlop Tyres in Dubai created the SP Sport Maxx A1 A/S performance tyre to fulfil the driving needs of your sports car or luxury vehicle. This tyre has an all-season tread design with Multi-Radius Tread Technology that improves grip in both wet and dry weather.

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