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Nexen tyres are so strict that they can withstand slams into a pothole. We've all hit those dreadful potholes during our driving escapades. These tyres were designed to avoid potholes and should not be damaged if you strike one.


Nexen Tyres in Dubai is one of the most rapidly growing brands in the tyre and mobility solutions sector today, thanks to breakthrough technology and progressive warranty packages that safeguard customers' interests and ensure long-term, high-quality service.


About Nexen Tyres & Its Tyre



Nexen Tyre has met its goal of offering the highest level of quality assurance by never recalling a product. The brand has won several design honors, including the iF Design Award, Dot Design Award, G-Mark, and IDEA Award, thanks to its motto "The Next Century Tyre."


Nexen Tyres found in the year 2000 to improve its international reputation. Thanks to its outstanding quality and remarkable performance, Nexen Tyres has been creating goods with the ever-changing market needs in mind. Nexen Tyre earned the iF Design Award in 2020 for the 'N'FERA Primus,' an ultra-high-performance summer tyre with excellent braking performance and drainage.


Nexen tyres have been around for decades and have a solid reputation for producing high-quality tyres. Their goods are made and designed to improve the drivability of your automobile or SUV. Nexen Tyres in Dubai want to improve your car's driving performance by using high-quality tyres.


Nexen Tyres has maintained its global presence, with its tyre use in more than 130 countries. The organization expects to become the worldwide leader in the market due to technological advancements. Nexen Tyres in Dubai has grown its presence in the Middle East by developing market-driven products for UAE motorists.


Nexen Tyres in Dubai prioritizes new technologies that result in high performance and value-added features. Nexen Tyres may purchase online at the cheapest pricing at Dubai Tyre Shop. Browse our Nexen Tyres UAE inventory and select a tyre that best meets your needs.


N'Priz SH9i - An exceptional wet performance summer tyre with a 3D section design for better braking and road hazard prevention. Its equal division block eliminates irregular wear and provides increased longevity.


N Blue HD Plus - Its four large longitudinal grooves improve drainage effectiveness on wet and dry roads. Improved fuel economy and a high-strength shoulder block for enhanced handling and cornering are characteristics.


N'Fera SU1 - Excellent wet and dry performance thanks to its four wide longitudinal grooves and hydroplaning lateral. The three center blocks straight aid stability and superb handling. Thanks to the enhanced shoulder block characteristics, maximum grip is possible during cornering.


N'Fera SUR 4G — With two diagonal grooves and two wide linear grooves, the N'Fera SUR 4G provides better driving stability and high drainage performance, boosting driving performance on wet roads. It has a long tread life and good gripping ability. The three wide ribs in the middle provide vertical rigidity for better braking.


ECO N Blue - This tyre's key features reduce fuel efficiency, good wet performance, and increased comfort due to minimizing noise. Long tread life achieves thanks to the improved tread contact patch, and three center ribs provide directional driving stability.


CP671 – A high-performance tyre that offers a quiet, comfortable ride throughout the year. Its wide, straight grooves drain water away from the tyre, increasing grip and preventing hydroplaning on wet roads. It also enables high-speed acceleration and braking.


Nexen Tyres Are the Best Value for Money On

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Nexen Tyres in Dubai has always been a leader in innovation and quality. As Nexen Tyre’s direct dealer, Dubai Tyre Shop has provided excellent service and a wide choice of products to our customers. Nexen Tyres are purchased from us because we guarantee long-term, high-quality service.


Nexen Tyres in Dubai provides cost-effective mobility solutions by pushing the boundaries of innovation and cutting-edge technology. We have the luxury of offering to market reasonable costs without sacrificing quality as authorized Nexen Tyres Abu Dhabi dealers.


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Nexen Tyres in Dubai are the best value for money because of their increased durability, long tread life, and excellent driving stability.

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