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Yokohama is undoubtedly one of the most well-known tyre manufacturers, and Sand Dance Tyre is the ideal place to get inexpensive Yokohama tyres in Dubai. Our Yokohama Tyres price outperforms our competitors, giving our customers exceptional value for money. Sand Dance Tyre Shop offers free fitting, balancing, and tyre rotations, whether you buy from one of our Yokohama Tyres dealers.


About Yokohama Tyres & Its Tyre Products


Yokohama Tyre’s expanding reputation paved the path for the brand to grow in the UAE, and the Yokohama Tyres Dubai subsidiary has seen continuous expansion. Yokohama Tyres UAE service facilities are also regularly improved, and the management evaluates the level of service by adding cutting-edge technology and equipment.


Yokohama is one of the major manufacturers of integrated tyres, offering a comprehensive range of goods for passenger vehicles, SUVs, buses, and trucks, including winter, summer, and all-season tyres. If you're seeking Yokohama tyres in Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi, go no further than Dubai Tyre Shop's extensive selection.


Yokohama's summer tyres are good for providing improved performance and control during summer driving experiences.


Yokohama's winter tyres are good for providing traction in various winter situations, including snow, ice, rain, and slush.


All-Season Yokohama Tyres – These tyres feature a quieter ride, a longer tread life, and assured safety in all four seasons, thanks to their design for excellent handling in wet and dry situations.


There are Six categories in Yokohama Tyres Family


BluEarth__These tyres have a low environmental impact thanks to their fuel-saving design. Its unique composition, lightweight and aerodynamic, provides great traction, especially in wet situations.


Avid — The Avid line of tyres is designed for individuals on the run and offers everything from fuel efficiency and a comfortable ride to an energetic performance. There are several options to pick from, with each offering longer tread life and greater all-season handling.


Geolandar - This Yokohama Tyres family is good for drivers who demand high precision and efficiency from their vehicles. The Geolandar Yokohama Tyres in Dubai portfolio is extensive, including compact crossovers with highway-terrain capability. The GEO-SHIELD technology in the Geolandar X-AT has set a new benchmark for extreme all-terrain use, providing longevity, reliability, and outstanding cut and chip resistance.


Ice guard - These tyres give exceptional road grip and handling on snow, ice, slush, and rain, thanks to their resistance and wet weather traction.


Parada - These tyres are good for optimal safety and a smooth ride, and their improved handling is excellent for all weather conditions.


Advan — For high-performance sports cars, the Advan range is ideal. It's a race-inspired tyre family with exceptional handling and reduced lap times.


Yokohama Tyres Quality


Yokohama tyres aspire to develop high-quality products using cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and complex technical requirements. The company is aware of the changing times and continuously commits to improving its quality, performance, and safety. Due to Yokohama tyre’s excellent strength and durability, automobile owners get an incredible deal on the normal Yokohama tyres in Dubai pricing.


 It is thanks to the clever casing construction of their tyres. Steel belts increase the stiffness of the tread region, which increases the tyre's resistance to punctures. The tyre's thick body ply helps it keep its inflation pressure even when hauling big loads. In addition, an inner liner keeps air from leaking out of the tyre, ensuring constancy.


Sand Dance Tyre – Why Choose Us?


Sand Dance Tyre goods come with shipping, balance, installation, and disposal of your old tyres included in the price. We have a user-friendly interface that's simple to use on the go. We've also made it easier than ever to place an order. We guarantee you won't find a better deal on Yokohama tyres in Dubai, Sharjah, or anywhere else in the UAE.




Yokohama tyres have been motivated by innovation in design and cutting-edge technology to produce great tyres. Yokohama Tyres has earned ISO9001 accreditation for its creation and design and its quality-assurance model, which gives drivers better control and handling on the road.


Yokohama tyres is actively committed to environmental projects, eliminating Trichloroethane and CFCs in its manufacturing process and providing premium branded tyres. The company has shifted to natural gas, which has resulted in lower CO2 emissions and energy savings. Yokohama tyres in Dubai continue to evolve, reacting with ecologically friendly solutions while keeping the demands of its customers in mind.

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